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  • Chuck Marra

The Right Glasses

Putting the top back up in an Alfa is just not an option, unless we can no longer out run the rain, or the heater at full-blast is useless and we've exhausted our supply of blankets and gloves.

This was not often the case driving across the country; sunlight was everywhere. Sunlight came in not just from the window but from overhead, from our right and your left and even behind us creating glare where there never be a glare in a hard top.

Also, driving with the top down in an rag top, it becomes immediately apparent that cheap sunglasses don't cut it (unless it's an emergency). You need more than UV protection, you need glasses that are comfortable, durable, and style plays a greater part than you may think.

Megan looks great in everything. The more subtle the style the classier it look on her, the more outrageous the style, the more fun it is. She wore her Madewell "Layton" sunglasses and loved them. They are very reasonably priced and fun and casual and dramatic all at once, she looked like the cover of Vogue.

I, however, look stupid in so many styles of glasses. So, where she wears something more I rely on the the tried and true black Ray Ban Wayfarers. JFK wore them, so did Dylan Warhol, and James Dean. This is well-trod territory. Besides, Wayfarers' design goes back to the 60's and so does the Spider. It fits. And I look stupid in everything else.

All that aside, the difference between the cheap disposable, 'emergency' glasses and the Ray Ban's is the difference between a squinting, painful, ocularly exhausting drive and a comfortable, relaxing drive. The Ray Ban Wayfarers aren't a fortune; they aren't cheap either, but to me, they are well worth it.

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